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Q&A - About this site (rubicle.net)

Q. Is she official mascot? Or, is she made by an association which is related Ruby?

A. No. Rubicle is unofficial and she isn't concerned of Ruby. Also, she isn't concerned of association which is related Ruby.

Q. Who designs her?

A. Hotori Sakurazari. (Website: http://kenvrand.com/, Caution: this site is Japanese only!)

Q. Can I push a proposal for rubicle.net and Rubicle?

A. Please push by comment form at the bottom of this page, or by send a e-mail to info@rubicle.net.

Q. Can I draw her picture and publish it on the Web?

A. Thank you! you can draw and publish freely. If you send it to info@rubicle.net, we surely post it at Fan Art on rubicle.net.

Q. Can I make her accessories? For example, goods, wallpapers, or icons.

A. Thank you! If you don't it for sale, you can make them freely.

But, if you do it for sale, please contact us. (E-mail: info@rubicle.net)

Q. I have found misspell or bad English sentence in this website.

A. Sorry... We want to your help because we aren't such a good English writer. Please point by E-mail to info@rubicle.net.

Comment form

Please send message frankly. e.g.) Asking to Rubicle, an idea about that you want the website or a message to rubicle.net administrators.

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