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What is Ruby?

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Ruby is a programming language. If you use Ruby, you can enjoy a programming frankly and you can make a great web application or a small utility for your PC work.

For example, Ruby is fit to persons as the followings.

  • I want to clean up formal tasks. File operation, text processing or calculating.
  • I want to make a CGI application or other web applications.
  • I am an Windows user, so I want to handle files of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Access by programming.
  • I already use Perl, Python or HSP, but I want more useful language than their languages.
  • And so I want to do something other by programming.

If you want to learn more, See the Ruby official site or the article about Ruby on Wikipedia.

About the Rubyist Magazine

Rubyist Magazine is a free web magazine written in Japanese. Its magazine has many good articles and some articles for beginners. Then beginners surely enjoy it.

If you want to see the list of articles, see the category indices.

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